I finally upgraded my nexus one to android 4.2.2
« Saturday, April 13, 2013 »

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I recently got a new phone and I wanted to give my old nexus one a new life. I was always scared to brick it. The last time I manually updated my official android, It froze and wouldn't boot. For a second, minutes, HOURS I though that I bricked my phone and it was the end… Until it finally strangely booted after trying to reboot it countless times.

That said, without fearing to loose my phone and end up without a working phone. I yesterday took the time to read the tutorials and did IT.

The procedure is quite easy. But keep in mind that the risks are real. Steps aren't often easy to understand because most people did it once and are only repeating the last step. The tutorial to prepare the phone aren't easy to find… And if you're on osx… Then it's not going to be that easy.

note that whenever you have to use fastboot. You'll have to boot the phone in fastboot

At first, you need to install blackrose for nexus one. If you're on OSx, no luck. You'll have to use the manual install.

  • Reboot your phone in fastboot (volume down + powerup while booting)

    • Check which version of hboot is installed.
    • Move around with volume button and select with power up. Once blackrose is installed Select with the ball.
  • Follow the steps in the readme using the hboot version you used…

  • If flashing blackrose fails. do this to run a hack that will unlock signatures verification

./fastboot boot go2.lol 
  • Reboot the bootloader and hopefully it will be blackrose

Then this step is important. You'll have to create a new partition layout for the new android. I have no idea how to do it on osx.

I then plugged my phone to my linux notebook and runned:

./Blackrose editor

This lets you create an image with the right partitions size. I chose 260/8/168. It's good enough for jellybean (250). And it might be good enough for future releases that could be bigger than 250.

Then you have to wipe everything on the phone.

./fastboot erase system
./fastboot erase userdata
./fastboot erase cache
./fastboot erase recovery

Then once it's done you can install clockwork recovery. I'm not sure if it's required or the default recovery is good enough. If you want to use the default recovery then don't erase it.

Anyway I installed clockwork recovery and chose the android image I wanted to install from XDA. CyanogenMod 10.1 7th april

I placed the file on my sdcard and upgraded the phone with clockwork.

You have to boot in fastboot and choose the menu recovery and then select the file with clockwork. Wait for a while..

The phone will reboot and voila!

Now what?

Now that it's done, I should be able to start porting FirefoxOS to the nexus one. The funny thing is that my old nexus one is working almost better than my new android 4.0.4 phone.

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